Design and CQA Services for the Installation of New Landfill Gas Wells

Swan Environmental Ltd provide Design and CQA services for the installation of new landfill gas wells.

The works typically comprise:

  • CQA supervision of the drilling of the landfill gas wells to the depths specified in the CQA Plan and Engineering Specification
  • Depth measurement to ensure compliance with the CQA Plan and Engineering Specification
  • CQA supervision of the installation of monitoring pipework, gravel pack and bentonite seals at each borehole location

Swan provide a full time CQA Engineer to oversee all aspects of the works, under the guidance of a visiting project manager, and act as a contact between Client, Contractors and the Environment Agency.

Swan review all aspects of the works during the production of a CQA Validation Report including all drawings to ensure that the works comply with the CQA Plan and Engineering specification.  The CQA Validation Report is submitted to the Environment Agency for approval of the works conducted.