Environmental Consultancy

Our specialist services include

We will take your project from the planning stages to an environmental permit in the fastest time possible.

Our permitting team will meet to discuss your site requirements, obtain all the information needed, then commence negotiations with the Environment Agency immediately.

• Phase 1

We will identify what is needed from either your existing information or by conducting a desktop survey whilst discussing with you the proposed extent. The initial report will identify past and present use of the site, review of environmental information, identify potential sources of contamination, risks to groundwater and human health and advise on the necessary requirements to take in the next phase.

• Phase 2

Our engineers attend your site with the necessary equipment to conduct an intrusive investigation, undertaking trial pits and the installation of boreholes where required with minimum disruption to your operation. We will recover surface and sub surface soil and groundwater samples for analysis at UKAS laboratories.

The subsequent report will contain the relevant information up front, in a plain to understand summary, using modelling techniques in line with the relevant guidance.

• Phase 3

If there are risks that are not controlled and you need further assistance we will assist you in designing a remediation strategy to get your site to the required standard.

We have good working relationships with the Environment Agency and a wealth of experience in negotiations over critical items.

Whether you need to develop a rationale for site investigations (making sure you carry our all that is necessary but keeping costs to a manageable level) or you just need advice on future operations – we can help.

Pre purchase / planning advice

Environmental Statement

Flood Risk Assessment (MPPF)

Drainage Assessment (SUDS)

Hydraulic Modelling

Water Resources

Coastal Flood Risk Appraisal

Code for Sustainable Homes

Flood Attenuation

Infiltration Testing

Planning Noise

Environmental Noise

Building Noise

Ground Borne Vibration

Vibration at Work

Bat Surveys

Great Crested Newt Surveys

Water Vole Surveys

Reptile Surveys

Our specialist surveyor will attend site and undertake a leak detection survey. We will locate any holes / defects within your geomembrane installation allowing defects to be repaired, The area will then be re-surveyed to ensure any anomalies recorded have been successfully repaired.

Once the system is confirmed as leak free we will issue a full report that can be submitted to the relevant parties.

Our team can draw up contracts to your specification, helping you to be fully covered in case of delays, disputes and assessing legitimate additional works.

We will handle the process from beginning to end as a partner, working closely with you to make sure your needs are met.

An environmental site audit can help you to understand how compliant your site is, helping you to drive further improvements or prepare for a critical inspection.

We will identify everything that you need to be aware of under your permit and suggest cost effective solutions where improvements are needed.