Our specialist services include

We can assist with your environmental compliance, where you have a duty to undertake monitoring of environmental boreholes. We will monitor and assess any areas of concern, helping prevent risks to groundwater and human health.

We can install further boreholes and recover samples for analysis if required, providing you with a usable report with a plain English summary.

One of our core specialities from inception of the business has been site decommission and demolition works.

We use the safest working techniques dependant on the situation of the tanks and ground conditions, running an efficient and cost effective decommissioning service. From removing a few small tanks to a large forecourt and associated demolition, our team will manage the project from inception to completion.

We also conduct various maintenance works around petrol filling stations, with our fully trained UKPIA and CSCS accredited staff.

• Phase 1

We will identify what is needed from either your existing information or by conducting a desktop survey whilst discussing with you the proposed extent. The initial report will identify past and present use of the site, review of environmental information, identify potential sources of contamination, risks to groundwater and human health and advise on the necessary requirements to take in the next phase.

• Phase 2

Our engineers attend your site with the necessary equipment to conduct an intrusive investigation, undertaking trial pits and the installation of boreholes where required with minimum disruption to your operation. We will recover surface and sub surface soil and groundwater samples for analysis at UKAS laboratories.

The subsequent report will contain the relevant information up front, in a plain to understand summary, using modelling techniques in line with the relevant guidance.

• Phase 3

If there are risks that are not controlled and you need further assistance we will assist you in designing a remediation strategy to get your site to the required standard.

• Monitoring report

We provide an environmental report with a plain English summary and work with you closely if there are any non conformances, using cost effective methods to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

If you have a report you’ve inherited for a site, or maybe an old report that needs reviewing and updating, we can help.

From a simple and quick review to let you know the site is in compliance, to a full environmental assessment to highlight current risk and any potential future risks to the purchaser.

If you are looking to purchase a filling station or site that holds or has held fuel, we specialise in helping you pay the right price and assess the level of risk.

We fully review the data and give an estimation of any potential issues in the ground, identifying any areas of concern not covered within the reports provided by the vendor.

With 15 years of industry experience our lead safety auditor can help with site audits, CDM safety plans, method statements, risk assessments, audits and anything else you will need during refurbishment, maintenance or construction works.