Safety and CDM

Our specialist services include

We have the competency to take on the duties of Principal Designer for a range of petroleum, construction and civil engineering projects.

All of the relevant duties under CDM 2015 will be discharged, with full involvement at key stages to make sure the project takes full account of safety requirements whilst remaining within budget and on time.

A well conducted Principal Designer role should not cause problems for a project, instead it should help things to run more smoothly to the benefit of all parties.

Our experience ranges from small building projects to petroleum construction to multi million refurbishments to new educational campus builds.

We have the experience to keep you compliant through a designed scheme of audits.

If you’re a client, then we can help you ensure you comply with your duties under CDM 2015.

Whether you need a simple set of RAMS for a job, a full Construction Phase Plan or an entire safety policy and management system from scratch, we can help.

We specialise in a number of areas, many of which we have physically worked in, so we fully understand the mechanics of the job. This helps us draw up easy to read, properly thought through safety processes.

Our team have also helped many companies though safety accreditation safety schemes and pushed their standards forward, though a combination of easy to use systems and culture assistance.

We’re here to help you with whatever you need. From a quick phone call to ask a question on Regulations or representation of the company at a meeting, we’re on hand to help in a concise and cost effective manner.

We can also act as your competent person, fulfilling the requirements of Health and Safety Management Legislation.

If you have sub contractors working for you, we can audit their processes and confirm to you that they are competent to conduct works on your behalf.

As part of the planning process you may be required to draw up a Construction Environmental Management Plan. We can take this service on for you and work it into any specific pre planning safety documentation.

Whichever stage your project is at we will give you a full consultancy service to manage your compliance with CDM 2015, helping to navigate through the new responsibilities of the Regulations.

Our service includes:

• Assistance with F10
• Assistance with compilation of the Pre Construction Information
• Attendance at meetings where required
• H&S competency review
• H&S review of the Construction Phase Plan to check compliance with CDM 2015
• Health and Safety audits during construction to confirm compliance with the Construction Phase Plan
• Assistance with the collation of a Health and Safety File