Waste Management

Our specialist services include

We produce detailed designs, CQA plans and specifications with full BOQ from your design criteria, tailored to the operational needs of your site.

We have developed a variety of cost effective, engineering design solutions for clients that are fully compliant with current Environment Agency Guidance and Legislation.

Our highly experienced project management team have many years of specific experience developing innovative solutions to problems; we will keep your works on programme whilst evaluating construction budgets and undertaking interim valuations and final account assessments, undertaking pragmatic project management, providing key support between you and the contractor.

We have extensive experience of dealing with the Environment Agency, a critical part of getting the project and designs approved and built to current Legislation.

Our experienced specialist engineers will work with the client and the contractors on site to ensure the project is successfully delivered.

A critical eye to detail is essential, our engineers are an integral part of the process, making sure the CQA plan is complied with and the quality of the work is of the highest standard.

Preparation and submission of environmental permits. Production of supporting information for the permit, including drawings, non-technical summaries, environmental risk assessment, management systems, EWC codes and permitted wastes.

Ongoing liaison with the local authority throughout the process, with closure and aftercare procedure documents.

Our specialist surveyor will attend site and undertake a leak detection survey, We will locate any holes/defects within your geomembrane installation allowing defects to be repaired. The area will then be re surveyed to ensure any anomalies recorded have been successfully repaired.

Once the system is confirmed as leak free we will issue a full report that can be submitted to the relevant parties.

We provide full topographical surveys of you site along with isopachyte drawing and material volume analysis.

We have term agreements with UKAS and MCERT laboratories to undertake and analyse to the appropriate test methods and specification – be it WAC, Metals, Hydrocarbons, Earthworks or Geo-synthetics.

We aim to turnaround laboratory analysis in the shortest timescale so that you can carry on with your project with confidence.

We have good working relationships with the Environment Agency nationally and a wealth of experience in successful negotiations over critical items.

We can offer operational services to help you close your landfill facility.

We will plan to allow you to optimise the management of the landfill gas and leachate collection systems.

All that you need to be able to care for your closed landfill sites, including:

Monitoring of emissions, groundwater quality, surface water and soil quality, operation and maintenance of leachate and gas collection and treatment systems, safety and accessibility, design drawings and landscape schemes.

Aftercare of closed landfills essentially is the continuation of landfill management activities carried out during operation.

Full Landscape Architect Service for Your Aftercare and Planning Requirements.

We can help to design your gas and leachate systems and provide project management on the installation.